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46% of new hires fail and only 19% achieve unequivocal success within 18 months…


If you think the above is nonsense and bears no resemblance to your business, good for you and congratulations on running such a tight ship!

However, just imagine for a moment that these numbers are accurate? (They are from a study by Leadership IQ)

What’s the impact on your business?

What’s the true cost of a bad hire? (If you’re ready to face some hard truths, see our bad hire calculator)

Most people have no idea how much it ACTUALLY costs them until they break it down.

I advised one of my prospects to give the calculator a go and they found out they were bleeding over $100,000 every month.

Over the span of a year we’re talking seven figures of wastage.

That’s enough money to take a trip into space alongside the super rich…twice!

Or hire 4 super talented sales people that could be game changing for your business.

Whatever the numbers, the uncomfortable and entirely predictable truth is that far too many new hires fail, and like it or not, this generates substantial ongoing costs for business.

If you keep hiring the same way, you are going to keep getting the same results.

If deep down you know your business is held back by hiring mistakes, and you are sufficiently open minded to look at a fundamentally different hiring model, we can help.

98% of employees we introduce are still in position and performing after 12 months.

This may not be perfect, though perhaps it’s sufficient to start a conversation?