Snowdon Talent

About Us

With a background in pharmaceutical sales gleaned at big names like GSK, Galen, Actavis and AstraZeneca, Snowdon Talent founder Mark Pickles understood the importance of knowing the industry when it comes to expert recruitment in life sciences and pharma.

He knew first-hand that these were sectors where bad hires can be particularly damaging in wasting time, money, and productivity. It was his vision to create an industry-specific executive search consultancy that reached out not simply to recruiters and HR departments, but to key decision makers at life sciences companies who know who and what they want, and strive to get it first time.

Thus Snowdon Talent was born – an innovative company not afraid to do things differently, operating with integrity and raising the standards in executive search by painstakingly connecting carefully vetted expert candidates with crucial roles at forward-thinking companies, and minimizing the risks of costly recruitment mistakes through multiple layers of assessment and evaluation.

Try Before You Buy

One example of this is our Try Before You Buy model. In the real world it typically takes 6 months of the new employee working within your company, before most hiring managers are totally confident they have made a great hire. For this reason, we only charge a nominal fee for new employees during the probationary period.

Not only does this cut your costs of recruitment and significantly reduce the risk of bad hires, but it also means we have a strong vested interest in carefully selecting, rigorously assessing and evaluating our candidates before we introduce them to you.

Snowdon Vision

Our Snowdon Vision platform really puts our fantastic candidates at your fingertips, allowing you to easily assess individuals, comparing metrics including both skills and behaviors as you make informed hiring decisions. It’s available 24/7 across desktop and mobile devices, offering a visual companion to matching the right people with your most important position.

Little wonder, then, that the Snowdon Vision platform has recorded an impressive 96% candidate retention rate – peace of mind in a sector where high staff turnover can be especially disruptive.


At Snowdon Vision, everything we do is designed to:

• Minimize your commercial downtime
• Substantially improve your new employee retention rates
• Substantially reduce your overall costs to hire

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