I’m not here to be liked

One of the first things I say to candidates on first speaking, is that I’m going to play it absolutely straight over whether or not I see a fit between them and what my client is

Does your recruiter measure up?

So you’ve decided to choose a new recruiter, but how do you recognize a good one? The typical questions hiring managers ask include

Hiring Senior Leaders? Do it right, or not at all.

Recently, I’ve seen a number of posts urging CEO’s to make hiring decisions faster, and ideally after just one interview. These posts get a lot of popular support, as neither hiring teams nor candidates want to put themselves through multiple interview stages, when let’s face it we’ve all got so many other things to do. […]

Bad Hires cost your business more than you think. Considerably more.

Me- Tell me John, of the last 10 people you’ve hired in commercial roles, how many were still with you and performing after 12 months? CEO- Seven Me- Is that typical for your sales team? CEO- Yes, I would say so. Sometimes we lose more, sometimes less. It’s always annoying, but I really don’t think […]

How poor sales leadership is impacting your business…

A winning sales team will normally be loaded with talent and not surprisingly that talent has to work efficiently and consistently towards a common goal. Unfortunately this is also where so many companies get it wrong. A weak sales person leads to a single underperforming territory, whereas a weak sales leader creates long term damage […]

Anxious about hiring mistakes? Introducing the three levels of assessment

When you hire a sales leader, you need them to get up to speed rapidly and to keep performing over the long term. Sadly, the reality is that 50% of hires fail within 18 months (Source: Harvard Business Review). Quite rightly, companies focus on retaining existing staff. However, I rarely see any real efforts to […]

You will not like this! The TRUE Cost of a Bad Hire..

If you want to hear that making the occasional bad hire is not such a big deal, or that it does not create substantial costs for your business, then you’re going to be upset, because it’s worse than you think. You already know a bad hire will hold back your business, generate unnecessary costs and […]