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Business Has Evolved, Has Your Hiring Strategy?


Traditional recruitment models have been broken for years, and yet companies still repeatedly use the same old approach, and therefore inevitably incur the substantial costs of using obsolete hiring models. The consequent costs and implications for companies are so common that they are accepted and virtually taken for granted. For instance, if a company hires 10 Business Development Directors and after 12 months, 7 of those hires are still employed, that equates to a 30% failure rate. Where else within your business, would you accept a 30% failure rate and do nothing about it?

Do you recognize any of the following challenges?

  • Are you frustrated by key staff being distracted from their core roles and the inevitable commercial downtime when recruiting?
  • Are you exasperated when new employees leave before becoming productive?
  • Or perhaps, you’re angered by hiring new employees who fail to become productive?

When your business uses an obsolete hiring model, bad hires will inevitably happen, and the costs to your business are eye-watering… Have you ever asked yourself what is the cost of a bad hire? CLICK HERE for our BAD HIRE CALCULATOR

At Snowdon Talent, we deliver Executive Search services for Senior Commercial Leaders who sell into Life Sciences. Our unique recruitment platform is “Snowdon Vision” which features a range of cutting-edge candidate assessment steps and an online candidate delivery platform. “Snowdon Vision” is proven to REDUCE your commercial downtime and IMPROVE your retention rates.

Combining modern, evidence-based recruitment strategy with the latest in recruitment technology, “Snowdon Vision” is proven to increase your new hire retention rate and reduce the risk of expensive bad hires.

If you fear your recruitment model is costing your business, and you’re ready to investigate a cutting-edge model that is proven to reduce your commercial downtime, reduce your overall costs to hire and be backed up by a 12-month candidate replacement guarantee, please contact me on