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Considered using Psychometrics as part of your Hiring Process?

Psychometrics is the science of measuring and understanding human personality, abilities, behavior and potential. Given the obvious pressures on companies to avoid costly hiring mistakes, psychometrics can be an invaluable tool to help make more informed and better-quality hiring decisions. Using psychometrics for hiring has been around since the 1920s, though has developed due to […]

Hiring managers have a guilty secret!

Like it or not, hiring mistakes are more common than hiring managers like to admit. According to Leadership IQ “46% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months” and “Only 19% of newly hired employees will achieve unequivocal success”. Given the costly implications of a bad hire, it’s time to stop brushing this perennial […]

How to Predictably Hire a Rock Star Business Development Director

According to Leadership IQ “46% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months” and “Only 19% of newly hired employees will achieve unequivocal success”. Also, according to Leadership IQ, “Attitudes drive 89% of hiring failures, while technical skills account for only 11% of hiring failures.” Sales and Business Development roles are no exception to […]

Business Development Director – US East Coast – eClinical Solutions

Transcript: Today I’m introducing a new Business Development Director role based on the US East Coast to sell eClinical Solutions. So, on behalf of an early stage, ambitious, growing and well funded eClinical company, we are urgently looking for a Business Development Director to sell eClinical Solutions to Clinical Operations across the US East Coast. […]

Hiring Senior Leaders? Do it right, or not at all.

Recently, I’ve seen a number of posts urging CEO’s to make hiring decisions faster, and ideally after just one interview. These posts get a lot of popular support, as neither hiring teams nor candidates want to put themselves through multiple interview stages, when let’s face it we’ve all got so many other things to do. […]

Anxious about hiring mistakes? Introducing the three levels of assessment

When you hire a sales leader, you need them to get up to speed rapidly and to keep performing over the long term. Sadly, the reality is that 50% of hires fail within 18 months (Source: Harvard Business Review). Quite rightly, companies focus on retaining existing staff. However, I rarely see any real efforts to […]

You will not like this! The TRUE Cost of a Bad Hire..

If you want to hear that making the occasional bad hire is not such a big deal, or that it does not create substantial costs for your business, then you’re going to be upset, because it’s worse than you think. You already know a bad hire will hold back your business, generate unnecessary costs and […]

There’s an elephant in the interview room.

There’s an elephant in the interview room

Traditional hiring models are broken, consequently bad hires happen routinely and hiring managers are reluctant to acknowledge it. Of the last ten hires you’ve made, how many were still employed after 12 months? Typically, I’m told around 7 out of 10 senior hires are still employed and performing well, however if we look at this […]

How Many Recruiters Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

Whether Hiring Managers acknowledge it or not, hiring mistakes happen more often than they would like. Every company and role is different, though as a rule of thumb we estimate around 25-30% of new employees fail to stay in their new job for 12 months. Which means the company invested substantial resources to recruit, employ […]

Traditional Hiring Models are Broken and Costing your Business

In my first sales job, I never used a mobile phone or laptop. Every day I would set out with a pot of 10 pence coins for parking and to call customers from public payphones, and at the end of each day orders were always sent to the office by post. Fast forward 30 years […]