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Bad Hires cost your business more than you think. Considerably more.

Me- Tell me John, of the last 10 people you’ve hired in commercial roles, how many were still with you and performing after 12 months? CEO- Seven Me- Is that typical for your sales team? CEO- Yes, I would say so. Sometimes we lose more, sometimes less. It’s always annoying, but I really don’t think […]

How poor sales leadership is impacting your business…

A winning sales team will normally be loaded with talent and not surprisingly that talent has to work efficiently and consistently towards a common goal. Unfortunately this is also where so many companies get it wrong. A weak sales person leads to a single underperforming territory, whereas a weak sales leader creates long term damage […]

US Sales Leader – Molecular Biology

Transcript: Hello, I’m Mark Pickles with Snowdon Talent. I’m going to share with you some details of a new US Sales Leadership role. We’re looking for either an established sales leader, or alternatively, a proven sales performer with demonstrable sales leadership credentials who’s ready to step into a player-coach type role. You would be joining […]