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Does your hiring model work for, or against you?


As a Sales Leader, you are expected to consistently generate results, through a team of diverse individuals tasked with selling your product to your market.

However, many of the factors that directly influence your success are outside of your direct control.

One rule I tried to live by, was to stop worrying about the things I couldn’t control and focus on managing the few things I could.

For instance, I had no influence on the economy, the competition or the budgets and needs of my prospects.

However I had total control over who I hired and subsequently how well trained and equipped they were.

The Sales Leader that invests in genuine sales training is a rare animal, so there’s still untapped potential waiting for the proactive leader to unleash via investing in training.

As for predictably hiring the best sales talent, eliminating costly hiring mistakes and therefore building a solid platform to excel as a sales leader, there is enormous room for improvement in how sales leaders make hiring decisions.

Therefore, two real wins for Sales Leadership are firstly ensure your hiring model is genuinely working for you and secondly ensure your sales team is well trained and fully equipped to deliver.

Does your hiring model work for you, or against you?