Snowdon Talent

Does your recruiter measure up?


So you’ve decided to choose a new recruiter, but how do you recognize a good one?

The typical questions hiring managers ask include what do you charge, what’s your experience in our market, what’s your rebate period and how long have you been established?

These questions have their place, but if hiring managers want consistently better hires, they need to delve deeper. Much deeper!

The ultimate measure of a recruiter’s value is how good are their placements, i.e. how well do their placements deliver, do they fit into the company and do they stay with the company?

One key question which to date I have never been asked, is how long do your hires stay in position?

Finding employees that predictably stay loyal, deliver and ultimately progress within individual companies is a science far above and beyond what most recruiters are equipped to deliver.

98% of all hires made with our “Snowdon Vision” platform are still in place and performing 12 months after our introduction.

This is not just a happy coincidence!