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How poor sales leadership is impacting your business…


A winning sales team will normally be loaded with talent and not surprisingly that talent has to work efficiently and consistently towards a common goal.

Unfortunately this is also where so many companies get it wrong.

A weak sales person leads to a single underperforming territory, whereas a weak sales leader creates long term damage which holds back the entire sales team and therefore the entire business.

To further compound the costs of hiring a weak sales leader, an underperforming sales territory can be predictably and quickly turned around by a strong sales performer.

However, an underperforming sales force takes so much longer to turn around, because the weak sales leader leaves behind a weak culture, poor processes, poor strategy and invariably weak and demoralized talent which may need replacing.

The total costs of hiring a weak sales performer are therefore insignificant when compared to the long term costs of hiring the wrong sales leader.

So, when around 30% of hires fail within 12 months, how do you predictably hire a genuine sales leader? How do you know you’ve got it right? Does your current recruitment model work for or against you? Is your recruitment partner an asset or really a huge liability?

As one measure of how we get it right, 96% of senior hires we place are still in post and performing after 12 months, and needless to say that’s not by happy coincidence.

If you’re serious about hiring genuine sales leaders that drive value over the long term, perhaps it’s worth a chat.