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If it’s all about price, I can’t help you


CEO- Mark, I’m John Smith, CEO of TopPharmaTech Services. I’ve seen your website. We need a Sales Director to sell SaaS solutions to Pharma in the US and also one in Europe. Before I appoint a recruiter, I need to know what it’s going to cost me.

Me- OK John that’s understandable, and thanks for considering us. Perhaps you could tell me a bit more about what you have in mind, then I’ll be better able to help you?

CEO- Cut the nonsense Mark, we all know how recruiters charge. Are you below 15%, 15-17% or even higher?

Me- John, if I was to tell you that we are considerably more expensive than any of those first two options, I presume that would be the end of the conversation?

CEO- That’s correct.

Me- I respect that. Tell me, is it all about the price, or perhaps are you open minded to consider what’s different and what value we create above and beyond what you’re clearly used to?

CEO- Recruitment is a commodity, you’re all the same, therefore it’s all about the price.

Me- OK, well I suspect it’s going to be a short conversation as clearly we are way more expensive than you’re prepared to consider. Shall we end it there?

CEO- Yes, I suppose so.

Me- John, before I hang up, may I share something with you?

CEO- Fire away!

Me- In answer to your first question, we do things very differently and charge considerably more than 17%, and yes I acknowledge it’s a lot of money.

CEO- You’re not wrong. Daylight robbery!

Me- So despite the fact that we are not cheap, our clients are very loyal and come back to us whenever they are looking to expand… Why do you think that might be?

CEO- Well perhaps you are slightly different and might even give a little more value than the rest?

Me- Tell me, from your experience what is it that you dislike most about working with recruiters?

Hahh, How long have you got!!

Me- Oh dear! Not long enough I guess, but here’s a suggestion, you have a need, but you clearly don’t like recruiters or have much confidence in them and based on that, you don’t value them either. Fair?

CEO- OK, yes

Me- Based on our conversation so far, do you think I’m the stereotypical recruiter that you love to hate?

CEO- Oddly, no.

Me- So how about we schedule a time to speak, then start at the beginning and do it properly.. You’ll have a lot of questions for me, I’ll have some for you, and then by the end of 90 minutes it’ll be clear whether or not there’s a fit between what you need and what we do. How about that?

CEO- Let me check my calendar…