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Introducing A World Without Bad Hires In Pharma


Hiring mistakes are a real and ever-present risk.

A 2015 study showed 46% of new hires fail within 18 months

and the resulting cost of a bad hire is eye-wateringly expensive

and invariably more than you think.

So if I was to say, we believe our new model can virtually eliminate bad hires.

Would that be sufficient for you to want to know more?

How about if I was to add we can effectively de-risk the hiring process for you

whilst giving you infinitely more confidence

about making sound hiring decisions

and we can even do this whilst putting a smile on the face of your Head of Finance!

Could that be sufficient grounds to speak with me?

If you’re a Commercial Leader and you’re open to investigate,

please contact me directly on LinkedIn,

or otherwise, email me on mark(@)

Thanks for listening!