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Let it Rain – A Real Solution for CEOs and Founders Facing Tough Conditions


Today I’m going to present a challenge which many Founders and CEO’s

of Start-Ups and SME’s are going to be facing shortly, if they aren’t already

and I’m also going to present a solution.

So the challenge is that unfortunately many Start-Up’s and SME’s

have got uncertain times ahead.

In fact, the only real certainty is that change is absolutely inevitable.

The pressure to keep investors on-board and engaged is only going to increase,

and the need to generate sales and value is ever present.

So how do we resolve the problem?

Ultimately we need to generate sales and value.

The simple solution is to hire a BD Director or Directors,

to open new markets, create new growth and drive sales upwards,

and we can help with that!

But the challenge is the additional costs created.

With a typical BD Director package being in excess of 180K,

before you factor in the additional operational costs.

So if you’ve got the budget, and you’re absolutely confident your strategy

and commercial infrastructure are well aligned for the changes ahead,

then go ahead, hire the BD Director!

However, what do you do if your budget is just too tight,

or you’re uncertain of the changes ahead

or what commercial infrastructure and strategy

are best going to deliver the results you need?

So the solution I’d like to propose, is hire a Rainmaker.

A Rainmaker who will deliver a sound well informed strategy

and plan for the evolving conditions,

a sound commercial infrastructure, hands on Business Development,

technical, market and commercial expertise,

combined with extensive and senior contacts in your field.

He or she, would be a credible and experienced Senior Commercial Exec.

Well used to working both operationally and strategically,

and have deep experience working with and creating value for investors.

Your Rainmaker will come with a proven track record

and robust experience of having created multiple millions of value,

many times over in your market place

At this point many Founders and CEO’s say “Mark get real,

we can’t possibly afford someone like that now.”

Given that these experienced Senior Exec’s

typically command packages well over 300K,

they have a fair point!

However, if I was to say that through our Flexible Talent Solutions,

you can access the services of a Rainmaker

for around 25 to 30% of the cost of the BD Director,

what difference would that make?

This essentially now enables you to ensure your business is well positioned

for the uncertainty and the challenges ahead, to still deliver the value

and growth your investors need to see

but with none of the risk and costs of taking on a full time BD Director.

So, what do you think?

Is it worth a conversation?

If so, please contact me directly on Linkedin,

or otherwise, email me on mark(at)

Thanks for listening!