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Sales Leadership, Sales Recruitment and Head Aches


On the surface, most Sales Leaders are cool, calm and collected. Though like the swan that looks composed and serene above water, it’s often a different picture when we look beneath the surface.

The nature of the Sales Leader’s job is that they are under unrelenting pressure to deliver a sales target and the reality is that the BDM’s and BD Directors they lead are human, meaning their sales performance is often unpredictable.

For instance, Sales Leaders worry about many things…

  1. Perhaps anxiety their top performer will leave …Meaning business continuity is wrecked and any chance of delivering on target has gone up in flames
  2. Or perhaps they’re carrying too many non performers… Once again, any chance of delivering your sales objective will be hampered, combined with lasting falls in productivity and profitability
  3. Or finally, let’s consider vacant Sales Territories… There’s an URGENT need to get vacancies filled, to get new Sales Talent up to speed and contributing. However in practice this takes months, and meanwhile the poor embattled Sales Leader has the extra Worry and Headache of still having to deliver sales quota whilst being under resourced.

…I don’t suppose any of these worries sound familiar in your world?

As a recruiter, I believe my job is not merely to find and introduce great talent, but also to add genuine value through delivering a service that overcomes these common challenges.

I believe the traditional recruitment model is badly broken and contributes directly to many of these problems…Though, it’s not all bad news, as there is another way!

In conclusion, if you’re a Sales Leader, you recognize these headaches and are serious about commercial excellence… are you ready to see some solutions? Before you answer, let me remind you of a quote attributed to Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

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