Snowdon Talent

Pharmaceutical Sales Recruitment & Executive Search

With over 20 years personal experience in UK Pharma Sales, we have extensive experience and a deep understanding of the UK Pharmaceutical Sales market. We understand the many challenges that Pharma Sales Representatives and Pharma Sales Leaders face.

Roles in this sector include:

We cover all UK based Pharmaceutical Sales roles including:

-Key Account Managers (KAM’s)
-Market Access Specialists
-Remote Detailing Specialists
-Multi Chanel Account Managers (MCAM’s)
-Regional Business Managers (RBM’s)
-Primary Care/ GP Representatives
-Secondary Care/ Hospital Specialists
-Dispensing Doctor Specialists
-Retail Specialists
-Heads of Sales
-Country Managers
-Brand Managers
-Marketing Managers
-Selling Excellence Specialists
-Sales Training and Sales Trainers
-Sales and Marketing Directors

Our broad experience includes Biologics, Biosimilars, Vaccines, Generics, Branded Generics, Retail, Ethicals, OTC, Orphan Drugs, Specials and Branded Drugs. We can find whatever disease area experience you require and have probably sold into it ourselves!

Pharmaceutical Sales and Sales Leadership Candidates:

Head of Sales

-UK based, strategic and innovative Sales Leader with over 15 years driving sales and profitability in Pharmaceutical, OTC and Aesthetics markets.
-Robust track record of delivering sales growth well in excess of target (recently delivered 25% growth vs a target of 4%).
-Most recently, a former Head of Sales for a leading Global Pharma company. Now actively looking to work as a Country Manager, National Sales Manager or Business Unit Director / BUD leading and developing commercial teams. Also open to temporary or consultancy roles and could start work immediately.

Head of Sales and Marketing

-Senior globally connected C Level Executive, with extensive commercial and strategic marketing experience, in the global Med Tech, Pharma and Biotech markets.
-Extensive leadership and team building experience and wisdom, with additional P & L responsibility and board experience.
-Led multiple global launches and been the driving force behind generating 100’s of millions of dollars in revenue.
-Creates and delivers on bold visions, is bright, innovative, and big on strategy, though also has strong operational experience, and is qualified in both science and business.
-Started career in pharmacology, then progressed to multiple commercial leadership roles in big pharma. Now comfortable in the SME environment, where he can make a real impact, which is what he thrives on and is specifically looking for.
-Comfortable working remotely, and immediately available for Interim, Consultancy or full-time Pharmaceutical Sales Leadership roles.

Sales and/or Marketing Leader

-Over 20 years delivering double digit growth in both Pharma sales and Pharma marketing.
-Started as a Pharma sales rep then stepped into marketing and was subsequently promoted into a senior marketing role to manage multiple products, including one product launch which is still regarded as the most successful launch in its disease area.
-Progressed into Pharma sales leadership where he led sales teams of over 50 individuals, while still over delivering on sales targets, recently including one of over £150M.
-There are many Pharma Sales Leaders and also many marketeers, but there are very few top-notch Pharma Sales Leaders who have also excelled in senior marketing roles. He does both, and he does both extremely well!
-He is open to Pharma Sales Leadership or Senior Pharma Marketing roles, though would also be excited to look at senior Sales Training roles where he can make a real tangible difference.