Snowdon Talent

Senior Sales Leader – Selling Enterprise Software


US-based Senior Sales Leader with global expertise building and leading teams selling enterprise software, eg Content Management, Analytics and AI across the entire drug discovery and drug development life cycle for the Pharma and wider Life Sciences markets.

His performance record is both consistent and excellent, for instance, he delivered annual growth of 289% whilst leading a US sales team. In a different company, he also delivered annual growth of 203% and 170% in successive years. Whilst working as an IC (Individual Contributor) he repeatedly delivered above target figures, and notably delivered the largest ever deals for three separate companies whilst selling to Pharma.

Looking for a CCO or VP of Sales role, though is also open to Player/ Coach type roles with serious Start Up’s who would benefit from someone who can start off as an Individual Contributor, but also have the expertise to build and lead commercial teams and infrastructure