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The Top 5 Life Science Recruitment Hotspots In The World


A career in life science can mean you get to explore opportunities all over the world and live and work in some of the best locations. Here are the top 5 destinations for life science recruitment in the world.


Switzerland is a major player on the global stage in life sciences which is the reason why it ranks 5th on the list of life science employment destinations in the world. The country has a unique life science cluster and includes pharmaceutical giants including Novartis and Roche among the 250 notable among the 250 biotech companies based in the country.

The wealth of talent Switzerland can call upon working within its life science industries means that it continues to be a major contributor to life science innovation.

Positioned in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is renowned around the world for its contributions to life sciences. It is also free from EU regulatory restrictions imposed in other European countries due to its independent status.


With strong government support innovation and investment, including biopharma and clinical research, the life science sector has flourished in Singapore. Johnson and Johnson has its Asian HQ in a city state that has risen to the status of being the gateway to Asia for many countries.

When it comes to life science recruitment talent with expertise in in technical sales and regulatory affairs are sought after as are engineers involved in biotech particularly in start up businesses. Entrepreneurs from all over the world have been attracted to Singapore seeking to become part of a supportive community of start-ups. This destination also offers an excellent quality of life for those working in life sciences with high salaries.


France has long been one of the big hitters in the pharma industry and second only to Germany in Europe. The pharma industry saw sales totalling nearly $38 billion in 2020.

Industry giants such as Sanofi, Ipsen and Servier are just some of the pharmaceutical giants having their headquarters in France. Like Singapore France has a thriving startup ecosystem and biotech community supported by generous government investment in R&D. France has ambitions to displace Germany as the leading player in the pharma industry by 2030.

Employment conditions are excellent in France with a standard 35-hour weeks and generous holiday entitlement.


Germany has one of the biggest life science markets in the world so it is no surprise that it comes near the top of our list for life science recruitment. On top of this Germany is also the fourth largest economy in the world which offers a stable environment for new and established companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector.

The main life science hubs in Germany are to be found in cities such as Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart with global giants such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Janssen, Novaritis and Pfizer all having a substantial operations in the country.

The life science industry is well supported by federal funding and supplied with the latest technology. Pay and working conditions in Germany are excellent with holiday entitlement typically 30 days.

1. USA

It should come as no surprise the USA sits top of our list for life science recruitment with world leading life science technology hubs and vast research facilities. If you are seeking to find the top jobs in life sciences, then the USA is where they are at. Pharmaceutical giants including Pfizer and Jonson & Johnson both have their hqs in the USA and form part of an industry that generated $530bn in sales in 2020 which dwarfs that of even the top pharma industries in Europe.

Cutting edge development in drugs biotech, medical technology and oncology mean anyone with a specialism will find plenty of opportunity to secure high quality, high paid employment in the USA. Even some Internet and computer tech giants such as Apple and Google are entering the industry Joining the many startups benefitting from solid business infrastructure. Quality of life is also going to be excellent with n shortage of destinations including New York to enjoy.