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There’s an elephant in the interview room.


Traditional hiring models are broken, consequently bad hires happen routinely and hiring managers are reluctant to acknowledge it.

Of the last ten hires you’ve made, how many were still employed after 12 months? Typically, I’m told around 7 out of 10 senior hires are still employed and performing well, however if we look at this from another perspective, what we actually have is a typical 30% failure rate when hiring, since around 3 out of 10 hires routinely fail within 12 months. Where else within your business would you accept a 30% failure rate, and do nothing meaningful to put it right?

Bad hires happen routinely, predictably and are eye wateringly expensive. If you’re one of the few leaders open to investigate whether your own hiring model is a cost or an asset, take a look at our bad hire calculator: CLICK HERE to discover the impact of BAD HIRES on your business.

It’s not all doom and gloom, as a very few select recruitment and Talent Retention specialists have genuinely excellent services that are fit for the 21st Century. For instance at Snowdon Talent we have a platform built on multiple layers of methodology, technology and process, which is so thorough and comprehensive that its failure rate at 12 months is just 3% rather than 30%. On the back of this, we can also offer our clients yet another game changer with our Try Before You Buy recruitment service.

If you’re fed up with poor retention rates, high overall recruitment costs and excessive commercial down time caused by inefficient recruitment processes, perhaps it’s time to consider a new approach?

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