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Traditional Hiring Models are Broken and Costing your Business


In my first sales job, I never used a mobile phone or laptop. Every day I would set out with a pot of 10 pence coins for parking and to call customers from public payphones, and at the end of each day orders were always sent to the office by post. Fast forward 30 years and it’s clear much has changed and business has evolved, though I don’t believe that recruitment has fundamentally changed.

The last thing business needs is yet another recruiter. However, it does need a hiring strategy and recruitment service that has evolved and delivers far above and beyond the traditional recruitment model.

Traditional hiring models are broken and no longer fit for purpose. The statistics for employee retention are varied, though as a rule of thumb around 25-30% of new hires are no longer in post 12 months later, which generates enormous and unnecessary costs for business. If you’re brave enough to know what bad hires really cost your business, click here for access to our Bad Hire Calculator.

Imagine the difference to your business if you were confident that rather than 25-30% of your new hires failing, that figure was just 4%. This figure is real, as 96% of hires made through our “Snowdon Vision” platform are still productive and employed at 12 months, and only 4% leave within 12 months. On the back of this, we can confidently offer a 12 month’s candidate replacement guarantee. What difference would that make to your business?

If you’re worried by the ever-present risk of hiring mistakes, excessive commercial down time caused by your current hiring strategy or the substantial costs created by inevitable bad hires, perhaps it’s time to see what difference we could make? To start the conversation, please contact me directly on