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Consigning Bad Hires To History!

Today, I’m going to start off talking about a taboo subject no one wants to talk about… hiring mistakes. Bad Hires happen far more often than hiring managers like to admit, and especially so when you’re hiring a Senior Commercial Leader, where the costs of a hiring mistake can be eye watering.

When you next hire what you hope and believe is the real deal, a genuine Sales Leader, the uncomfortable truth is you’re unlikely to be 100% sure they’re the real deal, until they’re actually working with you and fully up to speed.

Realistically, this takes many months, by when your recruiter will have been paid in full and long since moved on. Needless to say, it will take far longer than any rebate period a standard recruiter will offer, meaning whenever you use a standard recruiter, you leave your business horribly exposed to risk.

So let me ask you one simple question. Are you fed up with the high up-front costs and strong risk of costly bad hires that go hand in hand with standard recruitment models?

If not, don’t listen any more, I can’t help you!

If yes, and you’re open to take a look at our “Try Before You Buy” recruitment model, please email with “Try Before You Buy” in the subject heading, and I’ll put some details together for you.