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What Does Life Science Recruitment Mean?


The answer to this question might seem obvious but not everyone will be aware of all the various subsets of careers that fall into the bracket of ‘life sciences’.

Life sciences is one of those umbrella terms that can cover a huge range of specialisms particularly in the US where it is commonly used to cover pharma and biosciences and anything related to life in general from farming to hospitals. As the sector has branched out into many different specialisms, some working in the industry are beginning to question if ‘life sciences’ is too broad a term. This can be problematic when you are a life science recruitment company.

When a recruiter such as ourselves describe life sciences recruitment, you can take this to mean careers in Pharma, BioPharma and Pharma Technology.   In the UK while recruiting for sales roles in life sciences, we often refer to this as falling under the umbrella term pharma recruitment or pharma sales recruitment which is itself an umbrella term for various sectors in the industry.

While our specialist area is senior sales directors and business development directors in life sciences, there will be recruitment agencies seeking junior level staff or those seeking employment in various roles within life science businesses.

To be effective working in recruitment for any industry, it is necessary to have specialist knowledge which seems at odds with how some industries are categorised. Life sciences is certainly one of those industries and when seeking an ideal partner it will be worth looking for a recruiter that can offer that specialist expertise not just within life sciences but in a particular specialist subset of the industry and particular roles within those industries.

At Snowdon Talent, we recruit for senior level roles in business development and sales in pharma where we can utilise our specialist knowledge. If you would like to find out more contact us today.